From procurement to delivery we guarantee the safest and highest quality products for our clients.

Our food safety starts with our vendors: growers, shippers, and manufacturers. We only purchase products from companies that meet our specific Supplier Approval Program guidelines, which consist of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures).

Fresh Produce

One of the benefits of being in the Bay Area is that we are in the heart of the Silicon Valley, which allow us to have access to the highest quality produce year-round from our trusted growers located in the central Coast, San Joaquin Valley and specialty growers along the North Coast.

Organic Produce

Quality is our priority. As a certified organic produce distributor, we source only the highest quality through our trusted Certified Organic growers.

Fresh Pre-Cuts

Saving our customers time, waste, and money, VegiWorks has contracted with a third-party processor to provide our customers with a custom-cut product you need. We have an internal quality inspection upon receiving to ensure product specifications are met upon delivery.

Beans & Grains

We carry an extensive selection of heirloom and specialty beans and grains including domestic and international labels.

Dried Fruits & Nuts

We carry a large variety of high-quality California and specialty dried fruits and nuts.

Dairy & Eggs

We carry a full line of milk, cream, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, eggs and more. Please check in with us for specific label information.

Fresh Noodles & Wrappers

We carry a full line of fresh noodles and dumpling wrappers locally made here in the Bay Area. Please check in with us on specific label information.

Imported & Gourmet

We work with trusted local and imported suppliers to provide a variety of imported goods and gourmet items.

Bread, Pasta, & Flour

We carry an extensive selection of fresh bread and pasta and many different flour varieties including domestic and international labels.


Here are some of our trusted growers who we’ve worked with for the past 25 years and more.

California Endives

Rio Vista, CA

T&D Willey Farms

Madera, CA

Dwelley Farms

Oakley, CA

County Line Harvest

Petaluma, CA

Full Belly Farm

Guinda, CA

River Dog Farms

Guinda, CA

Iacopi Farm

Half Moon Bay, CA

Knoll Organic

Brentwood, CA

Ratto Bros

Modesto, CA

Comanche Creek Farms

Chico, CA

Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo

Pescadero, CA

Wilgenburg Greenhouse

Dinuba, CA