Coconut, Young Thai

Young thai coconut

Available year-round.

The Young coconut is harvested directly from the tree, when mature it you will see the white and brown husked coconuts. Inside is a refreshing juice and a soft jelly-like meat. This white coconut meat is sweet and soft enough to be eaten with a spoon.

Coconut, Brown

Coconut Brown

Available year-round.

The brown Husked coconut is covered with hairy brown fibers. The thick husk of the coconut holds an inner shell and coconut water. The brown husked coconut offers a distinct flavor all of its own, it has a nutty almost candy-like sweetness.

Note, there are three different maturation points of coconut: the young coconut, the white coconut and the brown Husked coconut.


Kiwi Fruit

California products are available during the winter months. New Zealand products are available in spring and Chile products are available during the summer months.

Kiwi fruit is wrapped in a russet-brown thin skin with short stiff hairs. The emerald green firm pulp holds a large amount of dark nearly black tiny edible seeds. Sometimes the flesh may be yellow, brownish or off-white. Sweet tart with a slightly acidic edge, this decorative fruit’s succulent flavor is mainly sweet.

Kiwi, Gold

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Gold Kiwi is available in the summer through spring season.  

Gold kiwi is characterized for their color, texture and flavor. The Gold kiwi has bronze toned, smooth, hairless paper-thin skin. The golden flesh holds a large amount of black seeds. Its flavors are sweet with notes of pineapple and mango. The entire Gold kiwi fruit is edible. Imported from New Zealand and Italy.

Kiwi, Baby

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Available in the fall.  

Baby kiwi fruits are small berries, similar in shape of a grape, with thin fuzz-free smooth skin. The exterior of the fruit is more vibrant than a common kiwi fruit, the skin is a bright and zesty lime green and the flesh is studded with black micro seed. Baby kiwi fruit are a rather delicate fruit and quality can deteriorate quickly.

Papaya, Hawaiian

Papaya Hawaiian

Available year-round.

When ripe, the smooth leathery skin turns a golden-orange color. The inner flesh is salmon pink and that is filled with numerous small, shiny, black, inedible seeds. The firm juicy flesh of the papaya is sweeter than any other variety and has an acidity that is lower than most. It boasts flavors of peaches, melon and berries.

Papaya, Maradol

Papaya, Maradol

Available year-round.

Mexican papaya turn greenish-yellow with shades of orange when ripe and contain numerous round, shiny, inedible black seeds in its center. Somewhat similar to a melon, its delectable flesh is firm and juicy. The flavor, however, is not quite as sweet as the Hawaiian papaya.

Papaya, Green

Papaya Green

Available year-round.

The Green papaya has a pear-shape with a true green peel and a pale translucent yellow-green flesh that holds a great amount of seeds in its central core. The flesh and the seeds are the edible part of the fruit. The flesh is similar in texture and consistency to that of a mango. The flesh’s flavor is lean and subtly sweet.

Star Fruit

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Available year-round with sporadic gaps due to weather conditions affecting production.

Glossy, yellow and translucent, unique star shape when sliced. The complex taste of this decorative fruit has been described as combining plum, pineapple, apple, lemon and grape when it ripens to yellow. Its crisp texture offers a sweet-tart juice.

Jack Fruit

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Available in the summer months.

Jack Fruit can weigh up to eighty or ninety pounds. During the ripening process, the skin turns from light green to yellow-brown and develops an intense sweet fragrance. The flavor of its pink, golden, or cream-colored juicy flesh is very sweet, with a hint of melon, mango, papaya, and banana.


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Available in late spring into mid-summer.

The Lychee is petite, roughly the size of a walnut and its skin is covered with tiny spike-like leathery skin. Young fruits are green and once mature they will become blushed with pink, then bright red. The flesh’s texture is jelly-like, chewy and juicy.  Lychees bring the fragrance of roses, the sweetness of cherries, the acidic brightness of pineapples and the mellow flavor of green grapes together in one mouthful.


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Crops beginning late June and August and in December and January. North American markets are supplied by Hawaiian crops.

Rambutan are closely related to the lychee. The fruit may be greenish-yellow, orange or crimson, are oval-shaped. The soft, flexible exterior shell is covered in stiff, hair-like bristles. Rambutan flesh is juicy, milky- white, translucent in color, with a grape-like, gelatinous texture surrounding a central seed with and almond-like taste. The flavor of a Rambutan is more acidic than the lychee, sweet and very aromatic.


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Available early summer through early winter.

The Mangosteen fruit is roughly rounded with thick leathery leaves attached at the stem end. Its outer shell is thick, smooth, firm and burgundy purple in color. The edible flesh contains an average of five to six snow white triangular segments which can be seedless or contain several flat seeds. The flesh’s texture is soft and juicy with sweet tart tropical flavors with notes of caramel and butter. Ripe fruits will be soft and easy to peel the flesh from the shell.


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Season starts in late fall and runs through winter and spring.

Cherimoyas are globe-shaped or heart-shaped with an unusual velvety, thin skin that is light green in color. The white pulp offers a mild flavor likened to a blend of banana, vanilla, mango, papaya, pineapple and coconut. The refreshing texture is soft, smooth and melting almost custard-like, hence the name custard apple. The flesh is studded with large, black, inedible seeds.

Dragon Eye Fruit

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Available from winter through spring.

Dragon eyes aka Longan have a thin rough-to-prickly brown shell that is  easy to remove  covering its grayish-white translucent pulp. In the center of the juicy flesh is a large smooth jet-black seed with a white ovoid characteristic mark. Having a flesh reminiscent of a peeled grape, the flavor is wonderfully sweet.


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Durian is a seasonal fruit that can bear two crops yearly. Harvests are in spring and summer, depending on region.

Durian fruit has hard outer shell that is laced with a number of thick thorns. Containing four to six pods, the flesh has a very distinguishable full-bodied aroma. Once ripe, the skin can be easily cracked open to reveal its golden yellow flesh nestled into the pods that bear large nut-sized seeds. The flesh has a meaty, custard-like texture with a flavor that is similar to a combination of savory, sweet and pungent, often compared to rotting fruit.



Available year-round with peak production in the spring.

Pineapples are cone like in shape and covered in a rough and waxy rind. The rind is green to yellow in color and covered in spiked protuberances. The juicy flesh of the Pineapple can vary from white to yellow depending on variety and offers a sweet, succulent flavor and mild acidity.


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Pink guavas are available year-round with peak season in then late spring and mid-summer months.

Pink guavas tend to be a round fruit with smooth green or yellow edible skin and pink or salmon colored flesh. They have a strong tropical fragrance. Pink guavas tend to be slightly acidic with an assertive flavor. The sweetest guavas will be firm and heavy and the skin will be turning yellow. The skin, flesh and seeds are all edible.

Mango, Green/Hard

Mango Green

Available year-round.

Green mangoes, picked before just mature. Green mangoes are firm and can be oval or slightly kidney bean-shaped, depending on the variety. The mangoes aren’t fully developed, so the seed is small and thin and the firm flesh is crisp. The flavor is sharply sour and can be slightly bitter.

Mango, Keitt

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Available for a short time during the late summer and early fall.

Keitt mangoes are oblong in shape with a pale to dark green skin, though they occasionally have a yellow blush. The color can be misleading, and the only real way to determine whether these large mangoes are ripe is by touch. Keitt mangoes have a tangy sweet flavor with a hint of honey.

Mango, Ataulfo

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Available in the spring and through the fall.

Ataulfo mangoes are oval-shaped and slightly crook-necked with a golden yellow exterior and bright yellow flesh. Smaller in size than a traditional mango, the skin of the Ataulfo mango is tough and the flesh is soft, sweet and juicy. When ripe and at room temperature the mango will have a sweet smell and a slight wrinkling of the skin.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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