Tomato, Ready To Use


Available year-round. Local supplies available during the summer and into the fall.

Numerous varieties of tomato are widely grown in temperate climates, with greenhouses allowing its production throughout the year and in cooler areas.

Tomato, Beef Steak

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Available year-round with a peak season in the summer months.

Beefsteak tomatoes is characterized by their large size and meaty texture, have a classic tomato flavor. Yet, depending upon the variety, they can also be sweet to the taste. They are heavy, reaching weights as high as four pounds, and they range in color from pink, to vibrant red, to orange.

Tomato, Brandywine *

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Available throughout the summer months. 

Heirloom. Red Brandywine tomatoes are large, plump beefsteak tomatoes with thin skin that is deep red in color. Their pulpy flesh is the same color as the skin, with a bouquet that has been likened to that of roses. Red Brandywine tomatoes are full-bodied and non-acidic, with an excellent, robust tomato flavor.

Tomato, Yellow Teardrop


Are available year-round.

The Yellow Teardrop cherry tomato is similar in texture to a typical cherry tomato but milder in flavor and smaller in size, with a shape like a pear.  It is tender-firm and thin-skinned, and its juicy texture looks like that of a vine-ripened tomato. It has lots of seeds, and its flavor is rich and sweet.

Tomato, Campari

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Available nearly year-round, with occasional, short gaps in availability.

Campari tomatoes are one of the sweetest and most flavorful tomatoes. They are known for their superior texture and their distinct acid and sugar balance. Campari tomatoes are classified as a cocktail tomato. They are shipped with the vine still attached, once the tomato on the vine is harvested, the tomatoes ripen from the top of the cluster down.

Tomato, Cherokee / Purple*

TOM heirloom true vine ripe – cherokee

Heirloom Tomatoes are available June to November.

Heirloom. Dark, rich hues of purple, brown and brick red color these tomatoes. Their are characterized by their taste characteristics – full, complex flavor, both smoky and sweet, that make them one of the best varieties of large meaty tomatoes.

Tomato, Cherry

Tomatoes Cherry Del Cabo

Local Cherry tomatoes are available during the summer months.

The perfect cherry tomato will be firm, thin and smooth-skinned and it will have excellent flavor and juiciness, balancing acid and sweetness perfectly.

Tomato, Cherry Orange

TOM sun gold cherry tomatoes

Local Cherry tomatoes are available during the summer months.

Orange cherry tomatoes, like many cherry tomato varieties, are smaller and sweeter than large tomatoes. They are distinguished by their orange complexion and their unique coloration. The plants are extremely abundant, producing high-yield clusters of the cherry-sized, sweet and flavorful tomatoes.

Tomato, Cluster

Tomatoes, Vine Ripe

Available year-round.

Red on the vine tomatoes are sold with stem-on, with four or five tomatoes to each vine. As they are allowed to ripen to a later stage of maturity, they have a higher sugar content, are uniformly bright red, and medium-sized.

Tomato, Early Girl *

TOM – early girl organic tomatoes

Available during the summer and into the fall.

Heirloom. Early Girl is an early season tomato, usually around the size of a tennis ball at full maturity. Bright red, smooth-skinned and slightly flattened in shape, the Early Girl tomato is meaty and can be quite sweet and concentrated in flavor.

Tomato, Golden Jubilee *

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Available in the summer months.

Heirloom. Mild flavor and low acidic which makes it one of the best varieties for tomato juice. Jubilee tomatoes are very meaty, thick-walled interiors and mild flavor. The globe-shaped, golden-orange fruit has meaty, thick walls and few seeds. High yielding.

Tomato, Grape

TOM red pear cherry tomatoes

Available year-round with a peak of local season during late summer.

Red Grape tomatoes are bright to dark red in color with a firm, smooth skin, and a shape similar to that of an olive or grape.  Red Grape tomatoes are small and sweet, they have a thicker skin that is crack resistant, which gives them a longer shelf life. They are extremely easy to grow, although harvesting may be labor intensive.

Tomato, Green Tomato

Tomatoes, Green

Available during the summer months.

Green  skin tomato  is extremely firm with a lovely olive green color. It has bright chartreuse flesh. Green tomatoes have a deliciously sharp, puckering, and astringent flavor. Usually application is fried.

Tomato, Green Zebra *

TOM green zebra tomatoes

Available in the spring and summer months.

Heirloom. Zebra tomatoes are a small tomato variety that is roughly the size of a cherry or slightly larger. The outer skin of the Zebra tomato has a unique tri-coloring of lime green with a meaty inner flesh, the Zebra tomato offers a sweet tomato flavor with light acidic notes.

Tomato, Kumato

Tomatoes Kumato

Available year-round.

Tomatoes ripen from the inside out, their color changing naturally from dark brown to a golden green, and they are unique in that they are edible in all stages of ripeness. When dark brownish-red with no green in sight, the flavor is mild and is best used for cooking. When brownish in color and brushed with red, these tomatoes are at the peak of flavor. They are juicy with a firm texture, and they have a higher brix level, which makes them extraordinarily sweet, yet a slightly tart.

Tomato, Marvel Stripe *

TOM mr. stripey tomato

Available in season during summer and fall.

Heirloom. The Marvel Stripe tomato is named for the “marvelous” stripes that run down its skin. The largest of bi-colored heirloom tomatoes have thin-skin and can weigh in at one to two pounds per tomato. Their exterior is deep orange and streaked in thin, blood red strips, and their juicy flesh is colored with the same orange and red of its skin. Their flavor is smooth, bright, and sweet.

Tomato, Mixed Heirloom *

Tomatoes, Mixed Heirloom

Heirloom Tomatoes are available June to November.

Heirloom. Vary in size, shape, color and taste, heirloom tomatoes are quite different in appearance from common tomatoes. Most are fragile, with few seeds, meaty flesh and a thin skin. This thin skin, however, is what gives the tomato a higher sugar content and excellent flavor.

Tomato, Mixed Medley Cherry

TOM – cherry mixed tomatoes

Local supplies are available late spring through summer.

An unique variety of tomatoes: From bright red, sungold orange, pale yellow in color to juicy, low-acid and tomato-true flavors.

Tomato, Pineapple *

TOM heirloom true vine ripe – pineapple

Available early spring and through late summer months.

Heirloom. Bi-colored red and yellow fruit and grows up to 2 lbs. Ripens to a beautiful bright yellow, often with red stripes, both inside and out. This variety has a meaty flesh with relatively few seeds. The flavor is wonderful, rich, fruity and sweet.

Tomato, Roma

Tomato, Roma

Available year-round.

Roma tomatoes have an elongated egg-like shape. Their bright red, smooth and thick skin encases meaty flesh with few seeds, high sugar and with just enough acidic.

Tomato, Sweet 100

Tomatoes, Sweet 100’s Cherry

Available year-round.

One of the best-known cherry tomato varieties, Sweet 100s cherry tomatoes are characterized for their sweetness. They are scarlet red in color with a rich, sugary taste.

Tomato, Tomatillos


Available year-round.

Tomatillos, also commonly known as husk tomatoes, covered with papery outer skin. The slightly sticky husk encloses a firm, green fruit, and as the husk begins to dry it splits open and fades from green to light brown as the fruit matures. They have a very tart flavor, much different than their relative, the tomato.

Tomato, Sugar Plum

Tomatoes, Grape Sugar Plum

Available year round.

Sugar plum cherry tomatoes are oval-shaped with a pointed blossom end differentiating it from regular round cherry tomatoes. They have a firm, thin, red smooth-skin and are generally much sweeter than large tomatoes and like the name suggests Sugar plum cherry tomatoes are extra sweet.

Tomato, Sungold Cherry *

TOM sun gold cherry tomatoes

Available late June through September.

Heirloom. Sun-gold tomatoes are tiny cherry tomatoes that bear the color of an orange sun. They have an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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