Soft Squashes

Squash, Summer, Baby

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Available year-round with a peak season in the summer months.

Select firm, shiny squash, free from cuts and blemishes. These baby squash are the same as mature summer squash, the only difference is that they are picked at an earlier stage of growth.

Bake, steam, stuff, roast, grill or braise these small summer squash. Prepare whole, halved, and sliced.

Squash, Yellow Straight Neck

Squash, Yellow

Available year-round with a peak season usually between August and October.

It is a type of summer squash that is usually yellow colored. It has a similar look of a crookneck squash, but it does not have a curved neck. Thin glossy skin which can vary from time to time, between light yellow to a bright lemon yellow. It offers a flavor of a class summer squash; mild with a note of black pepper, nutty, and a slight buttery flavor when cooked.

Squash, Yellow Crookneck

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Available year-round with a peak season in the summer months.

Crookneck squash has a  smooth yellow skin. Its flesh is dense, pale yellow and layered with soft, edible seeds. Its shape is curved along its slim neck. Its flavor is mild and buttery with nuances of black pepper and nuts, similar to that of zucchini.

Squash, Zucchini Grey

Squash Zucchini Grey

 Available during the summer months.

One of the small to medium size heat resistant zucchini squashes with gray-green mottled skin. It has an excellent flavor and texture of an heirloom variety.  The squash is firm, mild, and very tasty when harvest at its peak season.

Squash, Zucchini, Baby

Squash Zucchini Baby

Available in summer with a peak season from July to November.

Baby zucchini is the same as full-size zucchini, merely picked at an earlier stage of growth. The flesh is more tender and the flavor is milder than the larger variety.

Squash, Zucchini, Green

Squash, Zucchini

Available year-round.

Zucchini squash is mild in flavor and can be prepared in sweet or savory recipes. It offers a sweet summer squash flavor with nutty undertones.  The flower blossoms of the Zucchini plant is also edible and offer a mild, squash like flavor. Its flesh is creamy white in color with a spongy yet firm texture and faint traces of edible seeds.

Squash, Toy-Box Mixed

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 Available during the summer months.

This toy-box mix includes Ronde Nice, 8-Ball, Green & Gold Zucchini, Sunburst and Middle Eastern. All of these varieties are very tender and mild, each variety is differ in texture, flavor, and shape. This mixture makes it a colorful presentation for summer squash selection available.

Squash, Baby Zephyr

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 Available in the summer months.

Zephyr is distinguished by its slender crooked shape and its signature two-toned appearance – faded yellow color with its blossom end dipped in a pale lime green. Its tender creamy-yellow hued flesh has a sweet and nutty flavor with a slightly grassy finish. The leaves and the flower blossoms that is part of the plant are both edible as well.

Squash, Baby Gold Bar

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 Available year-round with a peak season in the summer months.

Gold bar squash is a long, slim summer squash known for its bright, golden yellow skin. It has a shiny and smooth exterior. The ends of the squash are capped with a bright green at both its blossom end and stem. Its flavor is nutty, grassy and subtly sweet both when raw and when cooked.

Squash, Chayote

Squash Chayote

 Available year-round with a peak season in the fall and late spring.

Chayote squash is distinguished by their pear-like shape and its pale lime green color. Its creamy white hued flesh has a semi-crisp texture that becomes succulent as it matures. Its central core contains one small seed, which is also edible but mostly discarded.  Chayote squash can be prepared similar to that of other summer squashes.

Squash, Green Patty Pan

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 Available year-round with peak season in the summer months.

Patty Pan squash flesh is crisp and creamy white colored. Its flavors are mild and somewhat grassy with a sweet finish. The leaves of the plant and the flower blossoms are also edible as well. Patty pan squash can be used raw or cooked in a variety of preparations.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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