Seasonal Vegetables

Stinging Nettles

Miners Lettuce


Available in winter through early spring.

Cardoons have the appearance of celery, the stalks are crisp like celery. They actually feel heavy and moist. Cardoon stalks are pale in color with long furrows and a leathery-like texture. Once picked and trimmed, the few remaining leaves should also be pale, grey-green and soft.  When cooked, the stalks are meaty, nutty and bittersweet. The leave is not recommended for eating.

Rhubarb, HotHouse

Celtuce Lettuce

Sausalito Cress

Fresh Wasabi Leaves

Fresh Wasabi Root

Garlic Scapes

Wild Ramps

Fiddle Fern Heads

Fresh Almonds

Red Spring Onions

Green Spring Garlic

Fava Beans

Fava Greens

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.