Asian Pear

pears asian

Available year round.

Asian Pear (Hosui, 20th Century, Shinko, Kosui). There are a few different varieties of Asian pears, but the most common one is an apple-shaped-looking and light russetted brown pear. This particular variety is originated in China, it is often huge in size and expensive. Taste wise, it has a mild flavor and extra crisp texture.

Barlett Pear

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Available in late August to early September and usually remain available through December to January or February.

Barlett Pears are the most common type of pear sold.  When they are hard/green-color, they are not very sweet. As they turn yellow, they’ll get softer and sweeter. Bartletts are extremely aromatic pears.

Green Danjou Pear

Pear, D’Anjou

Available in late September or early October through the spring months.

The green D’Anjou Pear has a egg-shape appearance with bright green skin. Ripen at room temperature and refrigerate once ripened.

Red Danjou Pear

Red D’Anjou Pears

Available in late September or early October through the spring months.

The red D’Anjou Pear has a dark maroon skin with a mild sweet flavor. This pear has a striking presentation with the skin on in desserts and salads.

Bosc Pear

pears bosc

Available in late September through April or May.

Bosc Pear has an elongated shape with brownish color. It’s moderately crisp and very fibrous. This is one of the varieties that is easiest to tell when ripe. When the pear is ripe, the skin around the stem will be slightly wrinkly, and very slightly soft to the touch.

Red Starkrimson Pear

PEARS starkrimson RED pears

Available in August through January.

Starkrimson pears are named for their crimson red color and feature a thick, stocky stem. It is a mild and sweet pear with a subtle floral aroma. It is very juicy when ripe and has a pleasant, smooth texture, making it perfect for snacking and salads.

Forelle Pear

Pear, Forelle

Available in October through March.

Forelle Pears are another petite sized pear, the Forelle is a little larger than the Seckel. Taste wise, it’s a bit milder in flavor, but still very good. It has a unique character, the skin will have freckles or red lenticels, the flesh is moist and crisp.

Seckle Pear

PEARS seckel pears

Available in September through February.

Seckle Pears are the miniature green/yellow/red pears that look like the pear version of crab-apples. The skin is usually olive green with hints of dark maroon blush. They make great snacks in lunch boxes or amenity fruits.

Comice Pear

comice pears

Available in September through March.

Comice Pears also known as the “Christmas Pear.” The Comice Pear often can grow large to jumbo in size, making it popular for gift boxes. Their buttery flavor compliments soft ripening cheeses like Brie or Camembert.

French Butter Pear

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Available in August through December. 

French Butter Pear aka Buerre Hardy, commonly known for one of the best pears for cooking, baking, and canning when fully ripe. French Butter pears are a relative of the D’Anjou family. Its texture is very creamy, sweet. They tend to bruise easily, great in salad, desserts, and snacks.

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