Hard Squashes

Squash, Acorn Green

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Available year-round.

Acorn squash aka pepper squash is a winter squash with distinctive long ridges on its exterior and sweet, yellow-orange flesh inside. While it is known as a winter squash, acorn belongs to the same species as all summer squash and it is commonly mistaken as a gourd.

Squash, Butternut

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Available year-round.  

One of the most popular class varieties and known to be a widely grown winter squash. Its tender flesh offers a superb creamy flavor. This old favorite offers fine eating and consistent flavor.

Squash, Delicata

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 Available during the fall and early winter months.

The Delicata has firm, fine-grained, yellow to orange flesh and a central seed cavity. Its flavor, when cooked, is sweet, rich, and moist, much like a sweet potato.

Squash, Sweet Dumpling

Sweet Dumpling Squash

Available during the fall into mid-winter months.

Dumpling squash is the size of a large orange with a flattened bottom. Depending upon maturity the exterior color varies from green, yellow and orange with vertical striping.  When cooked the smooth-textured, tender, orange flesh offers a sweet squash flavor. Their lumpy exterior and small size make them difficult to peel, as a result, they are most often cooked with their skin on.

Squash, Kabocha


Available year-round.

Orange flesh of this squash is tender and rich, with a flavor reminiscent of a sweet potato. While the shell is very hard when raw, it becomes very tender when cooked, making peeling optional.

Squash, Kuri Red

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 Available during the fall and early winter months.

The smooth skin on this winter squash is difficult to peel, so halve it, roast it (cut side down), and then scoop out the creamy, yellowish flesh to add to casseroles or stews. Once cooked, the nutty-tasting skin is tender enough to eat it, if desired.

Squash, Spaghetti

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Available year-round.

This variety looks similar to a melon and has a moist, mellow, nutty flavor. This squash is known for its unusual, cooked, yellowish flesh that separates into long, translucent strings that resemble pasta.

Squash, Sugar Pie

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Available during the fall and early winter months.

The sugar pie pumpkin is known for having exceptional flavor and texture. It has bright orange flesh and smooth skin and is especially sweet. Puree it to use in waffles, muffins, pancakes, and of course, pies.

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