Chicory, Mixed

Chicory, Super Baby Mixed

Chicory, Coraline

Chicory, Punterella

Endive, Belgian White

Endive, Belgian Red

Endive, Curly




Radicchio, Castlefranco

Radicchio, Treviso

Mixed Greens

Tuscan Mixed Greens

Asian Mixed Greens

Spring Mixed Greens

Straight Mixed Greens

Braising Mixed Greens

Green Leaf Crown Fillet

Lettuce, Tuscan Artisan


Arugula, Baby Wild


Chard, Green

Chard, Rainbow

Chard, Red Baby

Chard, Red

Collard Greens

Dandelion Green

Kale, Baby

Kale, Curly Green

Kale, Lacinato

Kale, Red Bore

Mizuna, Baby

Mustard Green

Mustard Red Frisee

Mustard, Baby Red Frill

Mustard, Baby Red

Salad Savoy, (Flowering Kale)

Spinach, Baby


Gem, Green Sweet

Gem, Red Sweet

Lettuce, Baby Mixed

Lettuce, Baby Red Oak

Lettuce, Baby Green Oak

Lettuce, Butter

Lettuce, Living Green Butter

Lettuce, Living Red Butter

Lettuce, Iceberg

Lettuce, Iceberg Petite

Lettuce, Iceberg Shredded

Lettuce, Green Leaf

Lettuce, Red Leaf

Lettuce, Romaine

Lettuce, Green Baby Romaine

Lettuce, Red Baby Romaine

Lettuce, Romaine Heart

Lettuce, Romaine Heart Petite

Tatsoi, Baby

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