Micro Edible Flowers

Basil Blossom

  • Stimulate your taste buds with this exciting burst of energy!
  • Yellow and sometimes maroon, cone shaped “buds” produce an electrifying effect on the palette.
  • Add some zesty tingle by infusing into sauces, dressings, syrups or any liquid including cocktails.
Credit: Fresh Origins | http://www.freshorigins.com/our-products/edible-flowers-2

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Chives Blossom

Coriander Bud


Begonia Flower White


Mixed Flowers


Orchids, Fresh Cut

Orchids, Micro

  • Exotic! Beautiful, brightly colored tiny orchids.
  • Fresh flavors of cucumber and watermelon.
  • Perfect for enhancing the look and taste of desserts, fruit dishes, and salads.
Credit: Fresh Origins | http://www.freshorigins.com/our-products/edible-flowers-2

Orchids Perfect Image


Petal Confetti

Shiso Bud

Shiso Metallica Leaf

Squash Blossom

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