Corn, Yellow

corn on the cob

 Available year-round.

Yellow corn is a variety of sweet corn. When harvested at its peak ripeness,  the kernels are sweet and succulent. As the corn matures, the kernels lose their milky texture.

The less sweet corn is cooked, the better the flavor and texture. Yellow corn can be roasted, grilled, blanched, steamed, or pureed.

Corn, White


 Available year-around.

White corn is another sweet corn variety. At its prime (the milking stage) the kernels will be tender, sweet and succulent. As the corn matures the water decreases, the sugar turns to starch and the kernels become tough with a doughy consistency.

At its prime milk stage, the less time white corn is cooked, the better the flavor and texture.

Corn, Dried Husk

Corn Husk

 Available year-round.

Corn husks are the outer layers of an ear corn. Corn husks are most commonly used to hold foods to be steamed or baked, imparting a very light corn flavor. Corn husks can be used in the presentation of a dish, but are not edible and should be discarded after use.

Various savory or sweet fillings can be baked or steamed in Corn husk wrapped tamales.

Corn, Baby

Baby corn

 Available in the spring and summer months (locally).

Baby corn is very small and petite, around 3-4 inches in length. It can be found at its fresh form inside the husk or shucked. The ear is very flexible and its kernels extremely small, still firmly attached to the core. Baby corn has a mild taste, because the sugars have yet to develop.

Baby corn is most often prepared whole. It can be steamed and sautéed, or used fresh in salads.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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