Chiles, Red Fresno Pepper

Pepper, Red Fresno

Available year-round.

Fresh Fresno pepper looks and tastes very similar to jalapeno, but it has a hotter kick and finish. Fresno peppers color change from green to red as they mature, and their level of hotness increases, but they are often harvested and sold as red.

Chiles, Ghost Pepper

CHILE Naga Jolokia Real Hot chile 8-50grams

Available during the summer months.

Prepare ghost chiles as if you would with habanero; even with the same preparation, note ghost chile is much hotter, up to five times in heat level. These peppers have dented skin that is very thin and easy to tear. Hence, always take precautions when handling ghost chile peppers.

Chiles, Habanero Pepper

Chile Habanero 10#

Available year-round. 

Orange habanero is the fully mature and ripe version of the green habanero. The orange variety habanero is also one of the hottest varieties and also hotter than Jalapeno chile pepper. Its skin is thin and waxy with slight exterior wrinkling. Orange Habanero has a subtle apricot aroma and offers an intense and pungent heat.

Chiles, Jalapeno Pepper

Chile Jalapeño Conventional 35#

Available year-round.

Jalapenos are harvested when they are green or red if allowed to ripen, about 4-6 inches long.  The crisp and juicy flesh of the Jalapeno pepper offers a vegetal flavor and a spicy bite with heat increasing as the pepper peaks in maturity. They are one of the commonly used pepper in salsas and hot sauces. Pickled Jalapeno peppers are also a popular condiment.

Chiles, Pasilla / Poblano

Chiles, Pasilla 22#

Available year-round.

One of the popular chili peppers, Poblano and also known as Pasilla. Pasilla has a medium-mild heat. They grow up to 4 inches long, very dark green in color, ripening to dark red or brown. The peppers are long and curved, much like the Anaheim chili pepper, and are perfect for stuffing. Cooking the chile brings out more flavor profiles, offering a smoky and savory texture.

Chiles, Serrano, Green

Chile Serrano

Available year-round. 

A smaller version of the jalapeno, similar in color, but with a darker green to redish color skin tone. Its flesh is thick and offers a hot pepper flavor. It is one of the most commonly used peppers in Mexican cuisine.  The Serrano is also a popular pepper for preparing pickled. Their flavor and heat will pair well with tomatillo, avocado, onion, tomato,  corn, and cream based sauces.

Chiles, Thai Red


Available year-round.

Red Thai chile pepper, also known as Bird’s Eye is the mature version of a Thai chile pepper. A thin-skinned chile typically found in red and green colors, popular in numerous Asian dishes.  Its smooth skin turns from bright green when immature to a vibrant red hue when fully mature. Its flesh has a meaty texture and encases many tiny seeds.

Chiles, Cherry Bomb

CHILE Cherry Bomb Peppers

Available during the summer months.

The Cherry Bomb pepper is also known as pimento. It is bright red and shaped like a heart. It is a famous pepper used to stuff olives. This pepper is not overly spicy, being rather mild and sweet to the taste. Available either fresh or pickled. It pairs well with cheeses and savory meats like sausage and bacon. Cherry Bomb chilies are terrific for stuffing.

Chiles, Shishito Sweet Pepper

Peppers, Shishito Friarelli

Available year-round with peak season in the summer.

Shishito pepper is small and finger-long in length, slender, and is thin-walled. The pepper turns from green to red upon ripening and it is usually harvested while green. Its heat can vary from very mild to spicy.

The Shishito chiles are most often prepared cooked. Their peppery taste takes on a richer flavor profile and becomes slightly smoky when cooked. They are commonly prepared blistered in oil and finished with sea salt.

Chiles, Anaheim  Pepper

Pepper, Anaheim

Available year-round.

Anaheim chile peppers have a mild and sweet flavor. The chile’s skin is waxy, glossy and semi thick.  Raw Anaheim chiles are bright, succulent and slightly peppery in flavor. Cooked Anaheim chiles, whether slow roasted or grilled it offers a rich, sweet and tangy flavors.

Chiles, Banana Pepper

coming soonVWlogo

Available year-round.

Also known as the Yellow wax pepper, the Banana Pepper has a mild, sweet taste that is very popular in many types of foods. These are the hot version of sweet banana peppers. They are never green: the peppers start out yellow and ripen to orange or red and are mostly sold when yellow.

Chiles, Gypsy Pepper

CHILE – gypsy pepper

Available during the summer months. 

Gyspy peppers are sweet, crisp and juicy with a floral taste when it is fully matured. As the peppers mature, the flavor changes; they are often harvested at different times during the season at different stages of maturity. The flavor is more complex than that of a bell pepper.  Gypsy peppers are good for stuffing because unlike the thick walls of a bell pepper, the thinner skin cooks more evenly.  The thin-skinned Gypsy pepper is also ideal for frying or roasting because they don’t require peeling.

Chiles, Hatch Pepper

CHILE- Hatch Peppers

Available during mid-to-late August.

Hatch chili peppers are grown and harvested in Hatch Valley, New Mexico.  The peppers are long and curved, much like the Anaheim chili pepper, and are perfect for stuffing.

Cooked Hatch chiles are sweet, tangy and delicious with flavors and aromas of pepper and smoke. They can be used in place of any mild to medium heat chile, stuffed with cheese, vegetables and meats.

Chiles, Jimmy Nardello Italian

CHILE -jimmy nardello pepper

Available during the summer months.

Jimmy Nardello pepper often referred to as an “Italian Frying Pepper” is sweet and light when eaten raw. It is considered one of the very best frying peppers as its fruity raw flavor becomes perfectly creamy and soft when fried. Jimmy Nardello peppers have a thin skin and the cavity isn’t overloaded with seeds. Known for their sweet and fruity flavor, Jimmy Nardello peppers have a crisp texture that remains even after cooking. When dried, the flavor becomes rich and somewhat smoky.

Chiles, Sweet Italian Frying

CHILE – italian frying pepper – mild

Available during the summer months.

Sweet Italian Frying pepper color ranges from green to red as the pepper matures. Its flavor profile is mildly sweet, which makes it excellent for frying. The raw peppers are succulent and crisp but then transform into a creamy smoky treat when cooked. They offer the perfect combination of sweetness and crunch, with roasted, delicate, complex flavors.

Chiles, Pimiento de Padron

Pepper, DePadron

Available during the summer months. 

Young Padrons are crisp, lime color, roughly two inches in length and their flavors are savory, grassy, piquant and peppery. Padron chiles are a finger food. They can be cooked and preserved, densely packed in olive oil with sea salt or pickled.

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