Brussel Sprouts

Available year-round.

Brussels sprout leaves range from sea green to fern green, some varieties featuring blushed violet red tips. They offer the flavors of the earth and the bitter sweetness of cabbage. The younger the Brussels sprouts carry a sweeter more palatable flavor. Classic cooking methods for Brussels sprouts include roasting, braising or pan frying.

Cabbage, Green

 Available year-round.

Green cabbage has tightly wrapped pale green, thick and pliable leaves. Round, solid and almost white in the center, this vegetable is heavy for its size. Green cabbage can be utilized both raw and cooked. It is often found in salad mixes and braising green mixes.

Cabbage, Napa

Available year-round.

Napa cabbage is known for its barrel-shaped and crisp, pale green, tightly wrapped leaves and a dense heart. Its flavor is subtle and pleasant. The water content is also higher, creating a crisper and more refreshing texture.

Napa cabbage is the principle ingredient in soups, slaws and stir-fries. It can be used in raw applications, braised, stewed and even grilled.

Cabbage, Red

Available year-round.

Red cabbage is distinguished by its coloring, texture, and flavor. Like Green cabbage, it is rounded and wrapped in tightly wound waxy leaves. The leaves are more violet versus true red. Their flavor is far more bold and peppery versus green cabbage, which is also due to the pigments. Red cabbage lacks water weight, which makes its leaves chewier. It is used in preparations both raw and cooked.

Cabbage, Savoy Curly

Available year-round.

Savoy cabbage has wrinkled crisp leaves. The color ranges from a light to deep green. It has a very mild flavor with a hint of sweetness. Savoy Cabbage is considered to be the most versatile of all the cabbage varieties. Its texture and flavor can supplement soups, stews and salads.

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