Berry, Blackberry

Blackberries are available year-round with a peak season in summer.

Blackberries are characterized by their coloring and their flavor. Unlike other berries, Blackberries are not actually a berry, rather it is an aggregate fruit with individual drupelets that are held together by the nearly invisible hairs.

When ripe, Blackberries have a deep ink sheen with purple highlights. They are succulent and soft. Their flavoring is warmly sweet, slightly tart with earthy undertones.


Berry, Raspberry

 Raspberries are available year-round.

Raspberries are characterized by their flavor, size, shape and their hollow core. Unlike other berries, Raspberries share the same common character of a Blackberries: an aggregate fruit with individual drupelets that are held together by the nearly invisible hairs. The fruits are petite, roughly oval, plump and vary in flavor from sweet-tart to low acid depending on growing region and coloring.

Raspberries are available in red, gold and black varieties.


Berry, Blueberries

Blueberries are available year-round with some slight gapping.  

Blueberries are plump, sweet, yet fruity. The mild climate allows the fruit to mature over a longer period and thus develop richer flavor.

Blueberries should be plump, dry, and firm with a deep purple or black finish. Discard any green berries, they will not continue to ripen.

Whether you eat them out of hand, in pancakes, pies, or in a smoothie, blueberries lend vibrant color and flavor to numerous recipes.


Berry, Strawberries

Strawberries are available year-round.  

Strawberries are characterized by their conical heart shape as well as the texture of their skin and their flavor. The texture of a strawberry is tender firm when ripe with varied levels of succulence.  Flavors also range anywhere from sweet-tart to overtly syrup-sweet.

Strawberries make a wonderful snack at any time of day, as well as a fabulous baking ingredient.  Strawberries are a wonderful addition to summer salads, ice cream desserts, strawberry shortcake, cobbler, or a fresh fruit pie.

Long Stem Strawberry

Strawberry Long Stem

Stem strawberries are available year-round.

Stem strawberries are characterized by several characteristics: uniform in size, color, shape and ripeness and of course, maintain a two-inch stem. They are plump, heart shaped, deep ruby red in color, succulent and depending on variety, candy sweet with a perfect hint of tartness. Long stem strawberries are excellent dipped in chocolate.

Green Strawberry

green strawberry

Available during early spring to summer months.

Green strawberries is the immature youth of any red strawberry variety that has been plucked before maturity. Therefore, their color is pale green with slight pink blushing. The flavor of Green strawberries is lean and tart, displaying notes of refreshing acidity. Usually used for pickling.

Chandler Strawberry

coming soonVWlogo

Available during the summer months.

The Chandler Strawberry has a very large, medium red, glossy finish, with a large conical to long wedge shaped. The fruit quality is excellent, and the Chandler Strawberry produces a high yield, which are excellent for coastal areas. Firm, large and beautifully shaped, these berries are especially appealing in fresh fruit trays and freeze extremely well.

Red Currant Berry

currants – bushberries

Available during the summer months.  

Currants are a shiny, tiny berry grown in a variety of colors: red, black and white. These are attractive berries similar to champagne grapes making them a wonderful snack, as well as a perfect baking ingredient. Use as an attractive garnish for a variety of meats, salads, desserts or beverages.

Fresh Cranberry

fresh cranberries

Available in fresh form during the winter months.

Fresh cranberry is firm in texture with a bitter, starchy and tart flavor. Once cooked and processed, it has a sweet-tart flavor. This fruit is very popular for winter menus and holiday dishes for both sweet and savory.

Gooseberry, Cape

pichu berry

Available in the late summer and early fall and maybe sourced year round.

Gooseberry is wrapped in a thin husk. As the fruit ripen it turns from a pale green to a golden orange color. The flavor of this berry is very tart – it reminisces a finish citrus flavor.


coming soonVWlogo

Available in fresh form during the summer months.

Huckleberry resembles mini blueberries in appearance. Also, its flavor is very similar to blueberries. The difference from one another is their floral, sweet-tart flavor and aroma.


Mull Berry – Oakly, CA

Available in spring until the beginning of summer.

Mulberry has an elongated shape and is usually three inches long. Dark purple in color with a green stem. The fruit is mild, surprise by a unique sweet and spicy flavor, with just enough acidity.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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