Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers, Green

Bell Pepperes Green

Available year-round.

Green bell peppers are picked before they are fully matured. Thus, these peppers are often classified as “unripened” among all other peppers. Because they are harvested at the premature stage, they have a slightly bitter flavor instead of the sweet taste of other bell peppers: red, yellow and orange.

Bell Peppers, Orange

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Available year-round.

Gold bell pepper ripens from green to its beautiful deep, tangerine orange color. This big fruit with thick walls have great source of antioxidants, which makes it the sweetest of the colored family peppers.

Try it in salsa, salads, or cooking. Plants are resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.

Bell Peppers, Red

Bell Peppers Red

Available year-round.

Red bell peppers are the fully ripened or matured bell peppers variety because they are picked at the later stages of maturity. They often have a sweet, almost fruity taste. While the nutrients in red bell peppers are same as that in green bell peppers, the quantity of nutrients is higher because these peppers get more time on the plant before harvesting.

Bell Peppers, Yellow

Bell Peppers Yellow

Available year-round.

Yellow peppers are harvested at the midpoint of maturity between green and red bell peppers on the “ripeness” stage. Yellow bell peppers lack the bitterness that green peppers offer.

Bell Peppers, Sweet Baby Mixed


Available year-round.

These baby bell peppers are roughly one-third the size of a regular bell pepper, with a hearty crunch that’s perfect for snacks. Not only are they sweet and tasty,  it also has a lot of vitamin C. Baby bells are the ideal size for stuffing with cheeses, grains, or hummus.

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