Beans, Bluelake

Beans, Blue Lake

Available year-round.

Blue Lake beans are considered the benchmark standard of green beans, which makes it a versatile vegetable. Blue Lake beans have a dark green, stringless, firm and plump pod beans. The flavor of the bean is mild, subtly grassy and sweet, with a crisp-tender texture.

Beans, Chinese, Long

Beans, Chinese Long

Available year-round with a peak season in the summer and fall months.

Chinese long beans are picked young while it is at its most crisp, sweet and tender. To preserve the best flavor and texture it should be harvested when between twelve and eighteen inches long. The flavor of the Chinese long bean is grassy and slightly sweet yet a bit more intense than traditional green beans.  Unlike conventional green beans, Chinese long beans tend to get waterlogged when boiled or steamed so be sure to run it for a short duration only.

Beans, French (Haricot )

Beans, French (Haricot Vert) Cello

Available summer to early fall season.

Soft, edible skin, the tender, green French bean is slimmer than the common green bean. Crisp textured and meaty for its tiny size, this bean offers a delicate, sweet and fresh flavor. French beans can be prepared whole, eaten raw, or lightly steamed or sauteed. Use in salads or saute with other vegetable and/or quick-pickled.

Mirco Haricot Leaf

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Available year-round.

Haricot leaf tastes just like fresh haricot green beans producing succulent broad leaves.

Beans, Green Romano

Romano Beans Fresh

 Available during the summer and fall months.

Romano beans are flattened in shape. The beans have a stringless seam that opens easily while still young. The beans are crispy and fleshy in texture, extremely succulent, offering a subtlety sweet and grassy flavor. Romano beans can be utilized in both raw and cooked applications and work well in many preparations where traditional beans are called for.

Beans, Yellow Wax

Beans, Yellow Wax

Available in the summer season.

Yellow wax beans are an heirloom variety that is the color of a pale yellow. It is snappy and very sweet of the earthy flavor. Yellow wax beans are slender, long and uniform in shape. Offering excellent taste and a crisp texture, this bean is ideal for stir-fries, soups, stews and casseroles.

Beans, Purple

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Available in the summer season.

Purple beans are basically green beans covered with a purple-hued skin. They share the same characteristics of green beans. Underneath the purple shells are the same crisp succulent green flesh and pale lime green peas. The flavor of purple beans is grassy with a sweet finish. Once cooked, the purple hues fade to green, looking as common as a green bean.

Wild Sea Beans

sea beans

Available year-round.

Sea beans are a wild vegetable. Some have spiky, green leaves that look like cactus without needles. The flavor of sea beans is briny, salty and it has a crunchy texture to finish. It can be eaten raw, blanched, sautéed, steamed or baked.

Beans, Fresh Dragon Tongue

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Available during mid-summer through the fall season.

Dragon Tongue bean is identified by their pink to purple stripes. When harvested young the tender pod of this bean is entirely edible. No shelling required. To preserve their crisp texture beans can be simmered or steamed. Fresh, immature pods are crisp and succulent. The fresh seeds are firm, slightly starchy, nutty, and sweet.

Beans, Fresh Shelling Fava

Beans Fava Fresh

Available year-round with a peak season in the spring season.

Fava pods are not edible, but the beans are tender with a sweet mild grassy flavor. The beans are similar in shape to a lima bean. The bean’s skin is thick and their texture is starchy and creamy depending on the maturity of the beans and preparation. Note, fava leaves are tendrils with white and black flowers of the fava plant and all components of the plants are edible offering a delicious grassy flavors that remind you of spring.

Beans, Fresh Shelling Butter

SHELLING BEANS fresh butter beans

Available in the summer and fall season.

Butter beans also know as Lima beans, can be eaten when they are still immature. When cooked fresh, they fully matured and turned to a white-beige color. Butter beans are primarily used as the main ingredient in a soup and cassoulet, as the beans hold their shape under long cooking times.The fresh immature beans are lean, starchy and slightly grassy. Once cooked, the beans develop a meaty consistency with a sweet almond finish flavor.

Beans, Fresh Shelling Garbanzo

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Available in the late Spring through Summer season.

Covered with a light colored paper-like shell, fresh garbanzo beans often time referred to as chickpeas. Garbanzo beans offer a starchy and buttery texture with a mild bean flavor that is sweet and nutty. It is commonly used in their dried or canned form.

Beans, Fresh Shelling Cranberry

SHELLING BEANS cranberry beans

Available in the late summer and early fall season. 

Cranberry shelling beans are known for their speckled with pinkish-red markings. The pods are not edible. Once cooked, cranberry beans will lose their distinctive coloring. Cranberry beans offer a mild and creamy texture with a slightly nutty flavor to finish.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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