Braeburn Apples

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 Available during the winter months. 

Braeburn apple can be compared with Red and Golden Delicious varieties. It is crisp and very juicy. It snaps cleanly to the bite, and there is an immediate rush of strong apple flavors.  The overall flavor is sharp and refreshing but with a good balance of sweetness. First grown in New Zealand.

Cameo Apples

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Available during the winter months.

Cameo variety is like Red Delicious, but it does not have the intense red color of Red Delicious. The flavor is mild, with a hint of pear, but with less intensity. It is a bit crisper than Red Delicious too, but still soft.

Opal  Apples

Apple, Opal

Available during the winter months. 

Opal apples are grown in Prescott, Washington exclusively at Broetje Orchards. The opal apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious and Topaz with a pleasant well-balanced flavor. The skin is smooth, thick, and bright yellow. The white flesh underneath is crisp and juicy, like a Honeycrisp. It is sweet with a slightly tart finish. This is one of the varieties that do not brown after cutting, which makes it a great addition on a salad dish.

Crab Apples

Apple, Canadian Crab

Available during the winter months.

Crabapples are small and extremely tart. It has an intense sour and tart taste, almost like the taste you would get when biting into a lemon. The flavor alone is not enjoyable, but crabapples work well when added to other dishes as a supplement. When cooked, they develop a rich, flavorful and tart like red jelly which can be quite delightful. It is often paired with toast, scones, and other baked goods, especially sweet ones.

Sierra Beauty Apples

sierra beauty apples

Available during the winter months. Heirloom variety

Sierra Beauty apple is a late harvest variety maturing from mid-October into November. Its skin is thick with a netted texture, colored green-yellow and striped with red that matures into distinct deep pink or red patches.

The apple has an excellent balance of sweet and tart, with a tart finish. It is an excellent choice to eat out of hand, and great for baking in pies and preserves because of its full flavor and ability to hold its shape in firm pieces when cooked.

Fuji Apple

Apple, Fuji

Available year round.  

Fuji main characteristic is their lovely pink speckled flush over a yellow-green background. It is also crisp and juicy, with dull white flesh which snaps cleanly. The flavor is sweet and very refreshing.

Fuji comes from Japan, where it was developed in the 1940s. Fuji is a cross between a Red Delicious and Ralls Janet, which is much less well known but is probably the reason for Fuji’s attractive pink flush.

Gala Apples

Apple, Gala

 Available year round. 

Gala is a cross between Red and Golden Delicious. One of the most widely-grown apple varieties, with a sweet pleasant flavor. It has a surprisingly punchy sweet flavor. The typical sweetness of Gala has a pear-like quality.

One of the unique features of Gala is that it can be grown with good quality results in both temperate and warm apple-growing regions.

Golden Delicious Apples

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Available year round.

Golden Delicious is very easy to grow, heavy crops, and fruit can keep in storage for a long time after harvest. Golden Delicious is a versatile apple and can be used both for dessert and cooking purposes, and it has an attractive appearance – which can indeed be golden if left to mature on the tree.

Granny Smith Apples

Apple, Granny Smith

Available year round.

Granny Smith is one of the original staple daily consumed varieties. It requires a warm climate to ripen properly. This is one the most acidic apples. It is an uncompromising crisp hard apple with a very sharp taste. However, served slightly chilled it can also be very refreshing, and works well in salads.  The flavor sweetens in storage.

Honey Crisp Apples

honeycrisp apples

Available during the winter months. 

Medium-large fruit, mottled and striped red over yellow. Pleasantly crisp, sweet and juicy, this popular apple features a beautiful bright red skin mottled with pale green. Its complex flavor is subtly tart, and is a versatile ingredient for recipes ranging from sweet to savory. Honeycrisp apples burst with juice with every bite, and they are also a delicious addition to salads, pies, sauces, and baked goods.

Gravenstein Apples

gravenstein apples

Available during late summer months. Locally Grown

One of the best-quality for apple dessert and probably the most famous of all summer apples and usually considered the best of all apple pies. Red over green-skin and creamy yellow flesh, it offers a remarkable flavor when eaten fresh. Another great quality of this variety is that it holds its shape when baked and makes excellent sauces. It has a very short season so use it as soon as you can.

Jonagold Apples

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Available during the winter months.

Jonagold is high-quality apple. It is a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious. Jonagold apples tend to be large and have excellent dessert flavor. Jonagold is a large apple and makes a substantial snack. This is a crisp apple to bite into and the flavor is sweet but with a lot of balancing acidity, which makes it a very pleasant apple to enjoy.

Mutsu Apples

Apple, Heirloom Mutsu

Available during the winter months. Heirloom variety

A cross between Golden Delicious and Indo, it’s named after the Mutsu Province of Japan, where it was first grown. Mutsu is often sold under its other (more onomatopoeic) name, Crispin.

One of these oversize green apples can easily feed two people, though its boisterous tang may incline you to keep one all to yourself.

Pink Pearl Apples

APPLES pink pearl apple

Available during the winter months. Heirloom variety

Unusual pink fleshed, highly aromatic fruit. Medium-sized, cream, and pale green skin, sometimes blushed red. Tart to sweet-tart, depending on the time of picking. Good keeper. Makes colorful, tasty applesauce. Early, profuse, pink blossoms in spring.

Harvest is early: begins early August in some areas of northern California, late August in others.

Cripps Pink Apples

Apple, Crisp Pink

Available during the winter months.

Cripps Pink are known for its unique sweet-tart flavor and firm, crisp flesh, this beautiful and delicious apple is many individuals’ favorites. Named for its bright pink skin, this versatile apple is great for eating fresh out of hand as well as in salads, pies, sauces, baking, and freezing.

Baldwin Apples

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Available during winter months.

Baldwin variety is used for one of the top-quality hard cider. The large round-conic thick-skinned fruit and almost entirely blushed, this variety has a hard crisp juicy yellowish flesh makes excellent eating and cooking. In addition, it makes a great for fresh eating, juicing, and a wide range of culinary uses.

Lady Apples

Apple, Organic Lady

Available during the winter months.

One of the old French varieties, that is very popular in Europe and North America.  The fruits are small but with a good aromatic flavor. The flesh of this small apple is sweet-tart and can be eaten raw though it is normally cooked to bring out the best flavor. They can be used in stuffing or chutney and work well paired with many other proteins.

Macintosh Apples

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Available during the winter months.

The Macintosh apple is best known for baking. It has a red and green skin color tone and it is a tender white flesh that is very juicy, fresh, sweet and bright – everything an apple should be. It is considered an all-purpose apple, suitable both for cooking and eating raw.

Pink Lady Apples

Apple, Pink Lady

Available during the winter months.

Pink Lady apples are the first apples to blossom and the last to be harvested. With the extra time on the tree, along with a warm climate and rich soil, it gives Pink Lady apples their sweet, succulent crunch and famous color. The princess-pink skin draws most people to this apple. It has a mild but pleasant flavor and plenty of crunches. The naturally sweet flavor of Pink Lady apples works very well with a wide range of dishes.

For information about seasonality and availability, please inquire with your VegiWorks’ Sales Representative for more details.

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