iStock-527173941 – page mandarin

Page Mandarin, one of the sweetest and juicy mandarins grown during the winter months here in California. It is a cross between the Minneola Tangelo and the Clementine Mandarin.
Its rind is deep reddish orange color and thin, which makes it easy to peel. #seasonalcitrus

cocktail grapefruit tree

Cocktail Grapefruits are grown in the Central Valley of California and are hand-picked for the best quality. They are exceptionally sweet and juicy. It is a blend of a Mandarin and a Pummelo (or Pomelo). The green color and thick skin of the Cocktail Grapefruit is presumably from the Pummelo side, while the sweet, juicy and less acidic flavor is adopted from the Mandarin side.
Available during the winter months. #seasonalcitrus

yellow wax beans

Yellow Wax Beans are a type of snap bean with a slightly mild flavor, very similar to common green beans. Despite their vibrant color, Yellow Wax Beans can be bland but their unique grassy flavor is one of the summer’s distinct delights.
Locally grown by Coke Farm, California. #summerbeans


From its appearance, Ruby Jon Apple has a dark and velvet color. It is a medium to small sized apple, similar to a Jonathon apple. It is a great variety used for baking. And not to mention, it is the best apple variety for homemade applesauce.
This variety has a grainy white flesh and tastes a bit drier than most common apples. #seasonalapple

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