Local asparagus season begins in April followed by local farms in May and June. Meanwhile, when local season is done, fresh asparagus is available from Mexico and their crop peak in the month of March.
Asparagus is cultivated for their ability to maintain a succulent and firm texture when harvested at maximum maturity.

Prepare ghost chiles as if you would with habanero; even with the same preparation, note ghost chile is much hotter, up to five times in heat level. These peppers have dented skin that is very thin and easy to tear. Hence, always take precautions when handling ghost chile peppers.
Available during the summer months.

Sea beans are a wild vegetable. Some have spiky, green leaves that look like cactus without needles. The flavor of sea beans is briny, salty and it has a crunchy texture to finish. It can be eaten raw, blanched, sautéed, steamed or baked.
Available year-round from Fresh Origins.

Heirloom | Lemon cucumbers are tender and sweet, great for salads and/or pickling. They have a clean, crisp taste and are never bitter. Normal-sized vines yield heavily and for a long time.
Available in the summer months.

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