ALERT | Local Crops Affected By Heat Wave

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Record Heat Wave Affected Local Crops

Repetitive records of heat in the Salinas area has resulted in substantial crop damage. Various commodities are affected by limited supply and quality issues. All Leaf Lettuces are affected with light to moderate sunburn. Cauliflower and Broccoli are suffering from yellow discoloration as well as deformation on Broccoli. Celery could develop black heart due to the heat exposure. Note that it will take a couple of weeks to move past these heat-related quality issues.
Aside from crop damage, the heat also limits the hours that field workers are able to work. Crews were pulled from fields last week and over the weekend because it was too hot to work, which further shortened supplies. Many farms are still assessing the damages. It is best to anticipate rising prices and quality challenges for the next several weeks.
VEGIWORKS will continue to do the best that we can as a company and continue to bring them the best possible even during this difficult period. As more information comes it will be passed along!
Thank you for your patience.

Happy Eating.

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