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California Extreme Heat Wave Has Affected All Growing Regions

The California extreme heat wave has created a tremendous mess in ALL of the various growing regions. Growers are still assessing damages to current crops in the fields that are ready to harvest and crops that are planted. Higher then normal temperatures have disrupted production and harvest. Not only do these high temperatures affected crop production, the heat also limits the hours’ field workers are able to pick in the fields.
EXPECT supply issues for most items especially lettuces, brassicas, bunched greens, eggplants, peppers, berries and tomatoes. Also expect prices to rise to compensate for the losses. The incoming product will NOT be at its pristine- do not expect standard quality. Do expect heat related issues like sunburn in peppers, some splits, and wrinkling in cherry tomatoes, tip burn in romaine and lettuces.
Berry growers will strip plants to remove fruit that is stressed by the heat. Hurricane damage 40-50% of the last remaining Mexican mangoes. This will be ongoing for the next few weeks. Shelf life will be compromised as well. Also Hurricane Irma is passing through Puerto Rico as a category 5 – with winds at over 150 miles per hour.
VEGIWORKS will continue to do the best that we can as a company and continue to bring them the best possible even during this difficult period. As more information comes it will be passed along!
Thank you for your patience.

Happy Eating.

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