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When we think about the transition from winter to spring, a time when more sunshine begins to stick around, we think about citrus. Particularly in late-winter, you will find an abundance of citrus varieties at their peak season like tangerines, grapefruits, clementines, oranges, specialty lemons and limes and many more. This week, we are excited to feature more new varieties of California citruses: Bergamot Sour Oranges and Seville Oranges.

Bergamot sour oranges have a similar appearance of a lemon and can be mistaken as a larger size lemon in some cases. When cut open, they’re surprisingly juicy and the flavor is much sweeter than a regular lemon. Its flesh is very fragrant, acidic, bitter and tart making it unsuitable for raw eating. A common and popular way is by adding a few slices of bergamot into the Earl Grey tea to enhance the flavor profile. Other commonly used methods are either infusing and baking.
Available by 18# case and/or sold by the pound.

Seville oranges may smell like an orange, but it does not have the traditional orange virtues. Its skin is rough, thick and bumpy deep orange colored peel, making it hard to peel. It is sour, tart and sometime bitter. The thick peel contains fragrant essential oils and its flesh, when ripe is extremely juicy, which makes it an ideal marmalade because of their wonderful strong orange taste.
Available by 30# case and/or sold by the pound.

Happy Eating.

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