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Stinging Nettles 

This week we are featuring an early spring Stinging Nettles.

Stinging nettles are considered a weed and are part of the mint family. Both of the leaves and stems are covered with small stiff hairs, which can be very irritating when you brush them up against your skin so be sure to wear gloves when working with stinging nettles.

To prep nettles, we recommend blanching it in water that tastes like the sea, shock them in an ice bath, then drain and dry them. From there you can begin your desired cooking method either sauteed, pureed, cooked in soup, and/or freeze for later use. Cooked down the leaves, and replace it with anywhere you’d use spinach.

Note not to eat stinging nettles when the plant begins to form flowers, because by then not only will it loses its natural flavor, but it will become coarse.

Due to the weather condition, availability is very limited at the moment. A 3-day pre-order is required when ordering this item. Sold by the pound only.

Happy Eating!

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