Winter Citrus

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Brighten up your winter with these fresh flavorful citrus.

Winter season is more than just cold weather. Winter is when most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest.

Pummelo / Grapefruit from California and Texas arrives into season as early as November and stays sweet and juicy into early spring.

Satsumas are small, sweet oranges available from early November throughout most of the winter season.

Navel oranges are a wonderful seedless “peel & eat” orange. The thicker, pebbled skin makes it easier to remove by hand and causes orange segments to separate a little bit easier. California navels get very sweet during their peak season in February through April.

Texas sweet oranges are tree-ripened, literally stored on the tree to the peak of perfection. It has a very sweet flavor and lots of juice. They are available early November to May.

Meyer Lemons tend to be at their best in the winter and spring time.

Kumquats are the only citrus that can be eaten in its entirety, both the sweet peel and the tart pulp. Some varieties ripen from November through January and some from mid-December to April.

Buddha’s Hand Citron from Central Valley, California. Have many different great ways to use this fruit. The most common ways of using this fruit are to ZestInfuseCandy, and Decorate. They’re available during late fall to early winter.

All of the above varieties are available now in house. If you are interested in ordering any, please let us know.

Happy Eating!


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