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Have you tried an Opal apple?

This Opal apple variety was showcased at the PMA in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2015 and received an outstanding amount of great demands shortly after!

Opal apples are grown in Prescott, Washington exclusively at Broetje Orchards. The opal apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious and Topaz with a pleasant well-balanced flavor. Its peak season is in December to March.

Aside from some tiny brown flecks on the top around the stem area, the skin is smooth, thick, and bright yellow. The white flesh underneath is crisp and juicy, similar to a Honeycrisp. Flavor-wise, it’s surprisingly sweet with a slightly tart finish.

Opal apples are not supposed to brown after cutting, and to prove that we have put it to a test. See below for the two pictures: picture A (left side) was taken 5 minutes after the initial cut and picture B (right side) was taken 1 hour later. There’s a bit of browning, but not much and somewhat hard to identify.

Available now in house. Sold by the case of 50 count or by the each.

If you are interested in ordering any, please let us know.
Happy Eating!


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