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Hachiya Persimmon is finally here! As we all know, Hachiya can’t be eaten when it is firm like a Fuyu, due to its astringent qualities. The fruit needs to ripen up to a pudding-like texture before eaten. Once it is ripen, they are unbelievably soft with a silky smooth pulp inside the peel that taste super sweet!

Hachiyas are commonly used for baking and are commonly peeled and pureed to add to baked goods.

Please note that we only have rock-hard state available and it may take 4-7 days to ripen in your kitchen  before they are at their desired ripeness.

If you are interested in ordering any, please let us know one day in advance. Sold by the case only, approximately 25-count flat or 50-count case.

TO PLACE AN ORDER, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US AT 415-643-8686 / [email protected]

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