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The Northern California Summer brings the annually anticipated arrivals of varietal tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and soft squash. It is the later, however, that generally makes the first local field grown appearance. 2016 is no exception. Farms in San Benito and Yolo counties are already coming to market with beautiful collections of mixed Summer squash.  So far, we’ve seen, tasted, and tested varieties from Comanche Creek and Coke Farms and have heard of many more to follow. A standard case is generally 22 pounds and contains five to six heirloom varieties. As an example, this photo is of a case from Coke farm and includes six different types: Gold Bar, Zephyr, Mexican Grey, Costata Romanesco, Ronde de Nice (8-Ball), and Zucchini. 
The flavor on this early season squash is classically sweet with subtle nut-like notes. As always, all of these varieties are perfect for sauteing, grilling, deep frying including tempura, and roasting. They also take acid well as in a Zucchini Carpaccio application.
As for storage, Summer Squash will generally give you four to five days in the walk in and is best kept on a middle shelf or above, usually close to the door. They like to be cool but not excessively so. Also, they should not be washed until just ready to cut. 
Mixed Summer Squash, 22 lb, Local. In house now and, we expect, into August. Please note that we rotate farms to insure highest quality and consistent availability.
Please call 415-643-8686 or email [email protected] with any questions and/or to order.
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