VegiWorks Company Closure Effective 07/31/2020

To Our Honored Suppliers/Partners:

For over 27+ years, VegiWorks has at times fought against business downturns and disruptions with the belief that “things would improve” and that the ability of our staff could work through and succeed in any and all challenges.

Now, as we head towards the “re-opening” of the Bay Area SIP and with the uncertainty of how the food and beverage industry will bounce back, the grim reality has hit home harder than any past crisis since our inception.

The core of our business relies on the health of the “Food Service Industry” with the hope of a strong economy sustained by locals and visitors alike but the anticipation is that of a slow recovery. It is with these factors in mind that we have decided to permanently close. This decision has not been easy as we have had to consider many factors, all of which would play a part in the Company’s sustainability.

Our decision to close comes with a very heavy heart and we would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere gratitude to each and every customer for all of your support throughout the years.

Stay healthy and be safe!

VegiWorks, Inc
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